1. Install and activate the Migrate Guru plugin on your source (original) site.

  2. Make sure you have a domain to migrate your site to on HostGator, and that you have WordPress installed on this domain.

  3. On your source site, navigate to the Migrate Guru plugin and select 'HostGator' from the list of hosts.

  4. Once you select HostGator, you should see the following form:

  5. In this form, enter the URL of your destination site–– This is the URL to which Migrate Guru will move your site.
    To fill up the rest of the form, you will need your destination server's IP address, cPanel username,and cPanel password.
    To find these details, please follow the steps below:

    1. Open the mail that HostGator first sent you when you created an account with them. The subject line of the email may be “HostGator.com :: Your Account Info”
      Your domain name (destination site URL), destination server IP Address along with your cPanel username, and password are in this welcome mail.

    2. For your domain name and server IP address: 

      1. Log into your cPanel account  

      2. Navigate to the General Information section.

  6. Once you have all these details, fill up your migration form on the Migrate Guru plugin on your site, and click on 'Migrate'.