1. Install and activate the Migrate Guru plugin on your source (original) site.

  2. Make sure you have a domain to migrate your site to on Hostinger, and that you have WordPress installed on this domain.

  3. On your source site, navigate to the Migrate Guru plugin and select 'Hostinger' from the list of hosts.

  4. You'll then be shown this form:

    To enter the details required in this form, you'll need: 
    1. The email address at which you'd like to receive notifications of the migration process (i.e. when the migration process started, if there are problems with your migration process, and when the migration process has been completed).

    2. The URL of your destination site–– This is the URL to which Migrate Guru will move your site.
      (You can find this on your Hostinger account: enter the URL of the domain you'd like to move your site to.)

    3. To fill up the rest of the form, you will need your Destination Server FTP IP, FTP username, and FTP password.
      To find the FTP details of your Hostinger account, please follow the steps below: 
      1. Log in to your Hostinger hosting account

    4. Once you've logged in, click on 'Hosting', and then on the domain you've set up to migrate to.

    5. Scroll the page, and navigate to 'Files'--> 'FTP Access'

    6. You should be able to see your FTP username and IP. You should have set your FTP password when you first set up the Hostinger account.
    7. If you don't remember the password, click on 'Change account password'.

    8. Clicking on the 'Change account password' link will take you here:

  5. Once you have the domain's FTP details, fill them up in the Migrate Guru form.

  6. If your site is HTTP Authenticated, click on 'Advanced Options'.

  7. Once you've completed filling up the form, click on 'Migrate'. You'll then be sent email notifications about the progress of migrations. You will also be taken to a screen that portrays the real-time progress of your migration.

  8. You will also be notified once your migration is complete.